RUSSIAN PILOT VIRAL VIDEO DOWNLOAD LINK : Again, stunning news. This news is about a social media-viral video. Russian pilot searches this viral video. This video shows a pilot and trainee sharing a private time. Read the story if you haven’t seen the video or know who was there and what happened.


Everyone wants to know more about the folks they’ve met. As a result, we’re here to inform you of this. The 28-year-old pilot featured in the leaked viral video was present when the footage was shot on location. According to rumours, he has already tied the knot.

– Other than the pilot, the woman who was observed at the sasovo flight school of civil aviation was a 21-year-old trainee. According to the witnesses, the pilot was his teacher. Both the pilot and the trainee’s identities remain a mystery. We’ve included all the pertinent information about the Russian flight instructor and his aspiring cadet in the article that follows.


Name Of Internet Viral VideoRussian Pilot Viral Video
Leaked on PlatformSocial Media
Pilot Age28 Years
trainee Age21 Years
Flight NameCessna 172 Aircraft
Name Of ArticleRussian Pilot Viral Video Download Link – Twitter, Telegram Link
CategoryViral Video News
Mode of Video DownloadOnline Mode
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We’ll now analyse the viral video’s events in further detail. As reported by the media, the male pilot and the trainee engaged in intercourse and recorded a cockpit video of themselves. In order to document the flight’s progress, the pilot activated the autopilot and set it to record mode. The sasovo aviation school sacked both the pilot and the female trainee after the video went viral and was seen by millions of people. According to the reports, the woman first resisted.

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That’s because he’s already got a wife. However, when the pilot offered her the additional classes later on, she couldn’t say no. She was speechless. When asked what transpired in the cockpit, she said they merely kissed and hugged for a brief minute before turning on the autopilot. She also claimed that the viral video was the work of a classmate with whom she’d gotten into an argument and was seeking retribution. In other words, this is all about that viral video of a Russian pilot.

Flying a Shocking Sextape: The Russian pilot has a peculiar pastime. The pilot was terminated for having sex in the cockpit with a trainee pilot, which was against the company’s policies.

Journey Sextape: In Russia, the pilot has had a lot of pain during the flight. The pilot suspected of producing a sex tape in the cockpit with a female trainee has been sacked. The shocking incident occurred at the Sasovo Flight School of Civil Aviation in Russia as students were being trained for a flight. The pilot was filming a sexual encounter with a female trainee while the plane was in autopilot mode.

During the flight, there was a lot of drinking and drug use.

According to some reports, the pilot had offered the trainee pilot sex in exchange for a second flying lesson. The 28-year-old pilot was flying a Cessna 172 in the Ryazan area of Russia when he experienced an engine failure and crashed. This footage of the two of them was posted to social media by another training school student. The flight school immediately terminated their employment after learning of the video’s popularity. Even before the video went viral, the woman reportedly announced her resignation.

A woman refused to record a video because she didn’t want to be

Reports stated that the woman first declined to make the video since the pilot was married, but eventually accepted the offer of additional training. As soon as this video went viral, everyone recognised the female pilot and her trainee. Because of this, the married pilot offered the trainee extra flight time if she agreed to meet his sexual desires in exchange for the extra time. After learning about the incident, the student pilot admitted that she had initially denied the allegations. But later, when he learned about the possibility of higher tuition, he became envious.

So, what exactly transpired?

When the student pilot was questioned about the flight, he replied, “I don’t know.” When asked if the plane was on autopilot mode, he replied that both of them had done so. For the first time, they had merely kissed each other. It never happened again. According to some stories, the student pilot got into an altercation with another student pilot. Because of this, he decided to share this video on social media.