new traffic rules in gujarat 2022

new traffic rules in gujarat 2022 : The latest Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways report asserted that more than 40% of fatal accidents that took place last year were due to the drivers paying no heed to traffic rules and regulations. Interestingly, most individuals who died in road accidents were in the age group of 18-35 years.

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According to the report provided by The Times Of India, Gujarat is the only state where fatalities of pillion riders were more than actual riders. Moreover, Gujarat faces the largest share of road accidents in India. In the face of such glaring stats, it is important that one is aware of the traffic rules in Gujarat for their own safety and security, as well as that of others. It is also important that you insure your vehicle against road accidents and mishaps. You can choose the Bajaj Allianz Motor Insurance policy on Finserv MARKETS and avail benefits like 24/7 roadside assistance in case of cars, cashless servicing and much more.

Traffic rules and violations in Gujarat

As preventive measures, the Gujarat state government has put forth several traffic rules to be followed. As responsible citizens, it is on us to stick to the rules for the safety of all, the drivers, as well as pedestrians. Following are some of the penalties of road safety violations you should be aware of.

  • Underage driving: You must be 18 years of age to drive a vehicle with gear. Non-compliance may result in a fine of ₹300.
  • Driving without a valid driving licence: This is a highly serious offense and can result in a penalty of ₹300.
  • Crossing the speed limit: Traffic rules in Gujarat state that a maximum speed limit of 70kmph is to be followed. Non-compliance may result in a fine of ₹300.
  • Driving while intoxicated: it is a well-known fact that driving while drunk/drinking is a serious crime and should be avoided at all costs. Failure to follow this rule may lead to a hefty penalty or/and court appearance.
  • Driving a vehicle that causes pollution above limits: Violating the pollution standard may result in fin up to ₹500 by the state government.

List of Traffic Fines and Rules in Gujarat

gujarat new traffic rule 2022

Having complete knowledge of traffic rules and regulations is a prime responsibility of every citizen, violations of which may result in a court case and fine. Here’s a list of traffic rules in Gujarat and the respective fine that will be levied, in case one does not comply with the rules.

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Road felonyFine according to the amended Traffic Act(in ₹)
Disrespecting/not obeying a traffic authority150
Any person who drives, causes one to drive, or permits one to drive a vehicle:
(i) Without licence300
(ii) Without authorization to drive a transport vehicle150
(iii) When underage300
(iv) Breaching rules of Learner’s licence150
Driving above the speed limit300
Causing a driver to drive above the speed limit200
Driving at a speed that might be dangerous to the public350
Driving in a dangerous manner500
Physically/ mentally unstable to drive150
Speed racing without written Gujarat government permission300
Using Kerosene in the vehicle as fuel200
Noise pollution100
Air pollution400
Road safety standards violation500
Unregistered two-wheeler100
Unregistered three-wheeler150
Unregistered light motor vehicle250
Unregistered heavy motor vehicle500
Driving 2-wheeler without valid insurance100
Driving 3-wheeler without valid insurance200
Driving any light motor vehicle without valid insurance300

Important traffic Signs and Rules in Gujarat

The following are some of the traffic signs you must be aware of while driving in Gujarat:

new traffic rules in gujarat 2022
new traffic rules in gujarat 2022


Traffic rules to be followed when driving a four-wheeler in Gujarat

Following rules must be followed while driving a motor car in Gujarat:

  1. Drinking and driving is highly prohibited. This is important not just to avoid a penalty but also for safety.
  2. Do not use your mobile phone while driving. In case of emergency, you can pull over and use your mobile as a distraction due to mobile may have serious fatal consequences.
  3. Follow lane rules, traffic signals and especially, do not run a red light.
  4. Park your vehicle only in the designated parking spot.
  5. Always wear a seat belt.

Traffic rules to be followed when driving a two-wheeler in Gujarat

  1. Always follow the speed limit
  2. Do not drag race or overspeed
  3. Ensure vehicle safety and always wear a helmet while driving.
  4. Anyone riding pillion with you should also don a helmet
  5. High fines can be levied upon you if your vehicle is deemed unfit to drive on roads.
  6. Carry only one pillion rider at a time


1. Has the amended Motor Vehicles helped reduce accidents and fatalities?

The amended Motor Vehicles Act helped in reducing the number of fatalities in Gujarat. Particularly, 22% fewer accidents took place after the amendment of the MVA.

2. Why were the traffic fines reduced by Gujarat Government?

A substantial decrease in penalty charges was observed after the amendment of the MVA. This was done to ease the residents’ welfare and simultaneously ensuring road safety

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