How to Download Voter ID Free 2021?

An 18-year-old person must carry his Download Voter ID card and take a little amount of time to go outside and vote. If you are interested as well as eligible to vote then having a Voter ID is kinda necessary. Now we have the advantage to download it through the Internet. 

So, In this article, we will talk about the step by step process of downloading the Voter ID Card. We will easily explain every step so that any novice can read and understand what we are conveying here. 

Let’s start our article to know more about the topic.

Why do you need a Voter ID Card?

As we already discussed this point, a Voter ID card is the most necessary thing if you are going to elect and support any government entity. Voter ID card is a parameter to judge whether the elections are functioning honestly or not?    

There are also some other benefits of carrying a Voter ID Card:

1.You can use it as your identification proof.

2. This ID can be used while purchasing International tickets.

3. For address proof.

4.While availing for the government schemes you can use your Voter ID card.

How to Download Voter ID? 

We have given a step by step guidance on how to download your first Voter ID Card below. It’s guided to follow them stepwise:- 

Step 1:- Go to the play store and download the application “Voter Helpline”. This app is available for Android devices in the play store. From here we will register to get our Voter ID Card.

How to Download Voter ID Free 2021?

How to Download Voter ID?

Step 2:- After downloading open this app on your mobile/ laptop. First, accept the terms and conditions by tapping on the “I Agree” on the checkbox. 

How to Download Voter ID Free 2021?

Step 3:- You can log in or Sign up with an account. In case you do not want to log in /signup then click on the skip button.

How to Download Voter ID Free 2021?

The skip login option will be shown on the central bottom side of the screen. Now you can use this application without making an account. 

Step 4:- A new tab will be open in front of you. Here you can see different options, for example, Forms, Complaint, KYM, Elections, Results, Candidate. 

How to Download Voter ID Free 2021?

To apply for a new Voter ID Card click on the first option which is “Forms”

Step 5:- Again a new page will open in which we can see some choices. Click on the first option of Apply Online (New), if you want a new Voter ID Card.

How to Download Voter ID Free 2021?

Step 6:- Now there will be two options: New Voter ID Card registration and Overseas Voter ID Card registration. Choose the first option New Voter ID Card registration.

How to Download Voter ID Free 2021?

Step 7:- Type your full name and submit by choosing Ok.

How to Download Voter ID Free 2021?

Step 8:- A new page will open where you have to opt the “let’s start option”.

Step 9:- If you are applying for the New Voter ID Card for the first time then go for the first option but in case you are already a Voter ID Card then opt the second option. Now choose your citizenship.

How to Download Voter ID Free 2021?

Step 10:- In this page fill all the required details, for example, State, Date of Birth, Date of Birth Document. After this upload your document and it’s unique number. Add it and then click on upload.

How to Download Voter ID Free 2021?

Step 11:- A new tab will open in front of you. Upload your picture and then write down Gender, Name, Surname, Mobile, Email and Disability (if any). Click on Next.

Step 12:- Now enter the name of Relatives and Relation Type. Then click on Next. 

Step 13:- Enter your current address which includes House no., name of street/ area/ locality, name of town/ village, post office, pin code/ area type/ state/ UT, district, an assembly constituency. Fill all the details regarding your address and then select your address proof, upload it and fill the unique number. To continue to click on next.

Step 14:- Fill the declaration form.

Step 15:- Your application form is completed now check and confirm it for the last time. To track status you will get a reference number. Copy-paste or take a Screenshot of that number. 

Congratulations, you have successfully registered for a new Voter ID Card. Sit and relax now. It takes approx. 3 months to create a new Voter ID Card. You will get your Voter ID Card by post on your address when it gets ready. 

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